How long will it take to ship the order?

After order confirmation, it takes 12 hours to prepare. Then it takes 1-5 business days to ship the order to your home.

What areas can be delivered to?

We ship to all parts of the country and the West Bank.

What is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is ₪29, added to the total. Alternatively, you can pick your order up from our offices in Jerusalem, without any additional cost.

What does the price of the products include?

The price includes VAT, and does not include the cost of delivery or discounts.

What are the available payment methods?

It is possible to pay in cash upon delivery or via the website with a credit card or using bit app.
After paying by credit card, the ID of the cardholder must be shown according to the instructions of the credit card company.

How is the receiving process done?

The delivery company will contact you to coordinate the timing for your convenience on the day of receipt and to confirm the address.

Is it possible to edit or cancel the order?

If you would like to edit or cancel your order, please contact us immediately. After the order has been prepared and shipped, it cannot be modified.

What is the exchange and return policy?

You can return or exchange items from your order withind 48 hours of recieving it.
You can get a full refund in case of a return (except for the shipping cost).
If you would like return or exchange items, please contact us wihtin the specified period.

What does the watch include?

The watch comes with the original package, bag and booklet.

Is there a warranty on watches?

Yes, a two-year guarantee for all watches.

What is included in the warranty?

The watch is guaranteed against defects in internal parts and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase (the "Warranty Period"). If the product is returned during the warranty period, we repair or replace the defective watch or part of it for free within a reasonable period of time after returning the product, bearing in mind that shipping costs may be the responsibility of the customer

What are the issues that are not covered Warranty?
(1) Defects and damages arising from loss, theft, fire, or any other cause outside of your control.
(2) Faults and damages resulting from misuse, negligence, or accidents.
(3) Faults and damages due to improper use (knocks, scratches, fractures in the case of the watch, crystal glass, metal or leather strap, etc.), or modifications, manipulations and disassembly.
(4) Faults and damages due to daily wear.
(5) Watches for which the printed serial number was originally erased or is no longer apparent, or watches for which any original piece has been replaced from the back or whose original number has been removed, altered, replaced, erased or defaced.
(6) Regular maintenance and cleaning.