Accessibility Statement

Ritzy Store website attaches the utmost importance to adapting its website to its customers with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities.

Therefore, the store invested many resources in making the site accessible in order to allow the majority of the population to browse easily and enjoy the services and information provided on it.

The same effort is also exhibited in the physical store, and this is in accordance with the Law of Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities, 1998, according to which, accessibility is: "the possibility of reaching a place, moving around and finding your way around it, using and enjoying a service, receiving information provided or produced within the framework of a place or service or in connection with them , using the facilities and participating in the programs and activities that take place in them, and all in an equal, respectful, independent and safe manner."

The Ritzy Store website is accessed according to the accessibility guidelines of the Israeli standard 5568 and accompanied by an accessibility license from the TMT. This Israeli standard is the same as the guiding document "Guidelines for content accessibility on the Internet" for level AA of the international organization that deals with standardization on the web: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

The accessibility features include for example the following:

  • Simple and clear navigation within and between the website pages even when using the keyboard only.
  • Option to change the font size on all website pages up to 200% and continue navigation without difficulty.
  • A clear view of the site's components.
  • Compatibility with different browsers.
  • Adaptation to work in different resolutions.
  • Reading the information displayed on the website with a screen reader used by the blind and visually impaired.
  • Option to display pages in colors accessible to the visually impaired and color blind, i.e. light text on a dark background if necessary.
  • Making the website forms accessible in order to allow easy and simple use for people with disabilities.
  • A mechanism for bypassing blocks (fixed units that repeat themselves such as menus, banners, etc.) and more…

We would like to point out that we would like to allow every customer, with or without a disability, an equal and accessible service. At the same time and despite our many efforts to make all pages on the website accessible, it is possible that specific parts will be discovered that are not accessible.

If such parts are found, we will be happy to be at your service for any question, request for information and/or suggestions for improvement. For inquiries about accessibility, you can contact the store's accessibility coordinator:

Mira Arman

Telephone: 052-368-1847 (Accessible through phone calls as well as WhatsApp)


Accessibility arrangements at the physical store in The Baladi Mall complex in Jerusalem:

  • There are parking spaces for the disabled in the complex's parking lot, with access to the elevator that leads to the store.
  • There are disabled services in the complex.
  • Assistance when at the time of payment and filling out the forms if necessary.
  • Assistance and personal accompaniment in the purchase process.
  • Receiving service without waiting - exemption from queue, for those entitled according to the accessibility law.
  • The management and sales teams in the stores undergo training on how to provide accessible and sensitive customer service. 

Jisr Al-Nasf, Bet Hanina, Jerusalem